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After the tremendous success of his signature properties “Amadeus”, “Cafe At The NCPA” and “Umame” in South Mumbai, Farrokh Khambata’s journey comes full circle as he opens a new avatar of “Joss”, his signature Modern Oriental restaurant at Santacruz, Mumbai.

Ten years ago Chef Farrokh Khambata introduced the city to the Orient with Cuisine from Japan and South East Asia and quite literally took the culinary scene by storm. Mumbai’s discerning foodie palette accepted his Modern Oriental Cuisine with open arms and tingling taste buds and Joss at Kala godha went on to become a much loved Culinary Land mark. The new Joss is a continuation of a journey that carries forward a decade old legacy.

At Joss, Santacruz while we have retained some classics and old favourites, the menu has evolved considerably with the addition of new Pan Asian delicacies created after extensive research, travels and tastings”, says Farrokh.

From a vast variety of Dim Sums with innovative fillings, such as, Edamame with Truffle Oil Dumplings, King Crab and Silver Cod Dumplings and revolutionary new flavours in Sushi & Sashimi to South East Asian delicacies such as Tabanan Char Grilled Grouper with Kaffir Lime Foam, Yum Kung Prawns. Pipette Jus and the stunning Apple Wood Smoked Barbecue Chicken grace the menu. His signature Japanese delicacies such as the Miso Encrusted Black Cod served with Shoyu and Wild Tiger Prawns with Arima Sansho Pepper also make an appearance.

True to his style interesting Vegetarian specialties like Water Chestnuts with Corn Curd and Lemon Chili Drip, Korean Style Tofu with Hot Pepper Flakes and Runner Beans with Edamame Beans in Singapore Sambol Glaze entice the Vegans.

Newly introduced Korean specialty Dolsot Bibimbap in Hot Stone bowls take this gastronomic journey deeper into South East Asia. A variety of cooking techniques including Robata grilling, flambéing as well as ingredients such as Truffle Oil, Lotus Root, Chives, Edamame, Jasmine Tea and Miso add an element of the unusual, as a result of Farrokh skill in present brilliantly uncommon combinations and teaming of flavours. Huge emphasis is put on presentation.

The Dessert Menu has Farrokh experimenting with food science with mind boggling results. A welcome surprise end to the meal!

“Joss” meaning Luck has a quietly stylish decor that beautifully complements the subtle flavours of the food. Besides the main restaurant, there’s also a lovely Al-fresco area, highlighted with elegant outdoor lights and water fountains. At Joss, only the finest ingredients have been sourced to make each and every dish, an outstanding experience for the senses. JOSS at Santacruz, is a temple of fine dining, complimented by just the right ambience, excellent service and an exemplary cocktail menu.

Motivated by his passion for food, Farrokh Khambata continues to keep reinventing himself and continues his culinary journey with the new “Joss”.


  • On A Roll – Tartare of Maguro tuna, Cucumber, Scallions and Spicy Mayo
  • Piri Piri Rolls – Spicy Yellow fin Tuna, Cucumber, Chives and Tempura Flakes
  • Scorpion King Rolls – Spiny Lobster Tempura with Red Miso and “Nitsume” sweet soy sauce
  • Crunchy Rolls – Avocado and Tempura Flakes with Spicy Mayo
  • Edamame Rolls – Edamame and Wasabi Pea Tempura Rolls with Creamy Spicy Mayo


  • Tataki of Hamachi Yellow Tail Amberjack with Truffle Oil and Yuzu Dressing
  • Sliced Yellow Fin Tuna with Truffle Oil and Lemon Mirin Sauce


  • Spicy Chicken and Fermented Bean Siu Mai with Coriander
  • King Crab and Silver Cod Dumplings
  • Seafood and Crabstick Rolls
  • Chive Dumplings with Lotus Root and Chestnut
  • Har Gao of Corn, Water Chestnuts and Asparagus


  • Prickly Ash Peppered Snapper with Limonella Chili
  • Crispy Lamb in White Sesame Chili Glaze
  • Stir-fried Cottage Cheese with Edamame. Seoul Sauce
  • Sichuan Pepper Crusted Potatoes with Peanut and Burnt Chili


  • Grilled Supremes of Chicken Salad with Thai Spices served on Herbal Greens
  • Truffle Oil Miso Soup with Prawns and Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Truffle Oil Miso Soup with Wild Mushrooms – Eringi, Shiitake and Wood Ear


  • White Snapper with Pepper Crust and Balsamic Teriyaki Glaze, Sticky Rice and Greens
  • Baked Black Pepper King Crab with Spring Onions and Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Silk Road Lamb Shank Hot Pot with Sichuan Pepper Mushroom Mix and Wolf Berry
  • Stir-fried Roast Tender Pork with Fermented Bean
  • Cottage Cheese and Water Chestnut Steaks in Korean Sesame Sauce
  • Steamed Broccoli with Edamame Beans in Kaffir Lemon and Soy Butter


  • Supremes of Chicken and Shiitake Mushrooms


  • Balinese Clay Pot of Zucchini, Young Corn and Broccoli
  • Massaman Red Curry with New Zealand Lamb Shank with Potatoes


  • Prosperity Noodles Pan Fried with Broccoli and Asparagus/ Chicken/ Shrimps
  • Mee Goreng – Indonesian Noodles with Asian Vegetables/ Chicken/ Seafood


  • Smoking Permitted: Chocolate Cigar with Prune and Armagnac Ice Cream
  • “No Eggs Benedict”
  • JOSS Hot Kahlua Chocolate Soufflé
  • JOSS Crème Brulees: Yuzu Limoncello, Mocha Kahlua, Mandarin Cointreau
  • BIG BANG THEORY: Our Signature Dessert straight off the table
Go Galbi – Crispy Red Snapper with Korean Chili Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar and Scallions
Ingredients –

  • 1 Red Snapper Fish fillet
  • 100gm Corn Flour
  • ½ tspn Fish Sauce
  • 10gm Salt & Crushed Pepper
  • ½ tspn Chopped garlic
  • 1 tblspn Oil

For Sauce –

  • Pinch of Korean Chili Pepper powder
  • 1/2 tspn Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 200ml Fish Stock
  • ½ tspn Corn Syrup
  • 5gm Sesame Seeds
  • Scallions foe garnish

Method –
For Cooking the fish:

  • Marinate the fish with Salt & crushed Pepper and fish sauce.
  • Dust the marinated fish in corn flour.
  • Take a pan and heat oil on medium high heat. Fry the fish till crispy and golden in colour.

For Sauce:

  • Heat oil in a sauce pan, add chopped garlic and sauté till golden in colour.
  • Add the Korean Chili Pepper Powder and the fish stock and keep on cooking.
  • Next add a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar and Corn Syrup.
  • When the sauce starts reducing and thicken add in salt and pepper and sesame seeds
  • Cook for another 5 mins and the sauce is ready.
  • Add the crispy fried Snapper and toss it well till it coats the fish completely.
  • Remove the fish on a serving plate and pour the remaining sauce over it.
  • Garnish the fish with chopped Scallions and serve.
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